Cartwright Design

705 NE Morgan
Portland, Oregon 97211
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Lotus Bench

The Lotus Bench is fabricated from stainless steel. Gleaming petals create a domed nook on the edge of a pond in a Broomfield, Colorado open space park.


Brain Column

The Brain Column is kind of a directional cairn for anyone walking up 8th street towards the column in Astoria, Oregon. The Column is carved from 12' of trunk from a Monkey Puzzle tree that died in 2015. Phase one of Astoria's second favorite column has brains,from the top down: Salmon, Raven, Sea Lion, Bear, Human, and Humpback Whale. Its an regional animal timeline of sorts, a brain cloud. More Brains!


Bike Salad awaits

Kind of like a bike corral yet more visible and covered. This fixture is inspired by a banana, oranges, a pineapple and whatever else might be at Laurelhurst Whole Foods . Just add bicycles.


Godel Orca Gates

A custom gate set commissioned by an admirer of Bill Reid's Orca and other inuit influenced art.


Sunnyside Library entrance

Artist Addie Boswell drew some silhouettes of kids getting into their reading. The kid shapes make a low wall into convenient bench that welcomes people to the library.


Vernon Willow

A willow tree is outlined within the porch endrail by forged square rod. Round rod sweeps on down to the floor.


Clinton St. bicycle boulevard

Paul Cone took a picture some things to decorate the the parade to your everyday circus. Signtoppers direct the commuting party along the blvd. The Bike flag reminds the car commuter of the special intersection at Cesar and Clinton. A collaboration with Brian Borrello and PDOT.


Flying Spaghetti Monster Venn Divider

Some consider it a semi-permeable barrier, defining the union of this side and that. This gate is the holiest. Seasoned steel gleanings occupy the space between the openings. PASTAFARI


Sabin Garden Gate

Sabin Elementary PTA created a teaching garden and realized the need far a gate near the garden. This gate is made of roll formed tubing, various surplus scrap pieces. A full size, reclaimed pick-axe is mounted to the inside of the gate, and is the latch when closed. The powder-coated steel gates span a 14 foot opening, are 9 ft high with a 13 ft high arch.


Equilibrium Chair

This is a custom office or task chair. Designed to take advantage of a kneeling position using Steelcase Office Furniture technology. This balance chair is made from upright office chair parts from the past, re-converged in the present to be the chair of the future. This piece was juried into ShowPDX 2008


Bike Panel

A 4 foot x 3 foot bike panel can be a bike rack, a gate or just a scuptural element.


Hand Trellis

A Gaia pet for your garden, a sign of palm reading, or maybe a truss for a table top. 1/2" rod traces a 72" x 34" hand outline. Any custom outline can be fabricated, even a swoosh


Mt Hood Cabin

Here is a steel relief mural depicting a scene of a family cabin at the foot of Mt. Hood. A stainless river supports the mild steel landscape. The cabin adds copper to the mix. Trees are forged. Constructed on an aluminum frame that mounts to a normal wall. (9 ft wide x 5 ft tall x 7" deep).



This life sized figure is made of stainles steel pipe sections. The 72" tall sculpture oscilates if set into motion.


Unicorn from Carved Concrete

This unicorn is carved from a very unique post footing. The blank cylinder was removed from the ground with this crazy 5" protrusion that could only be but one thing.


Toro Bravo

Find the brave bull icon hanging out, over the edge on Russel street. Grab your forks and cheer for this Comedor This powder coated, aluminum silhouette helps mark the spot.


Piece of Mind

The brain in the box is an interactive display of a life sized brain presented in a cut-away skull. The head rises slowly out of the box.... Cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem light up independently with push of a button.


Fahrner Gate

A custom gate, hinges and all, re-use bicycle technology.built for the owner of Clever Cycles. Bamboo fence by Bamboo craftsman


Young Fence

This is a set of steel panels that weave a pattern within the garden. It is made with heavy gauge steel that will assume a natural rust finish.


Trellis Leaf

The leaf retains organic flame-cut edge through forging process. The leaf is welded to a coiled stem.


Whimsical Gothic trellis

The whimsi-goth vine trellis is constructed of forged steel. Dampened trellis vibration is supported by an arbor built by Tom Hambilton.


double helix

This aluminum double helix structure can be a trellis indoors or out. Or the dna can just hang in the air.


clarklewis banister detail

Heavy forged steel banisters support stainless rails. Cables at 3.75 inch centers create in-fill. Heirloom quality that ought to last forever.


garden moai

This sculpture is inspired by the monumental heads on Easter Island. Discarded fence post footings transform into artifacts that can be enjoyed for many generations. Each Moai has its own base post and can stand on or be fixed to the ground. A garden moai can treat anywhere to a touch of Tiki.


custom signage

Millennium Building Services, Inc. commissioned this logo made of stainless steel and aluminum. The three dimensional emblem floats on the lobby wall of the corprate office.


Bumper Girl

Bumper Girl is made completely from reclaimed steel and old truck bumpers. The figure is mounted on a Schwinn chassis. She is part # 15 of the River City Series.



This is a detail of Cross Crusade Trophy: the holy grail of the northwest cyclocross series. The trophy is only out during the cyclocross season late in the year, if it hasn't been kidnapped.


LifeHouse collaboration

A full view of the "Matthew Sheckel Memorial Lifehouse." The Lighthouse is a community collaboration made of cobb. Built during the Natural Building convergenge in 2002.


artful infrastructure

An adjustable solar panel support and a prayer wheel designed and fabricated for the "Matthew Sheckel Lifehouse Memorial" at 37th and Taylor.


steel dome

14' tall X 13' diameter steel dome on fir log posts. 1 of 4 trellis/arbors constructed for phase III of a City Repair Intersection located at SE 33rd and Yamhill.


spirt house

A Spirit House is an article for a garden, path, or gateway. The steel and copper structure can also shelter a light source. Located in Denver, CO.


Mama Cans

This Metal Scarecrow can be posed into any position, standing, sitting, or bike riding. It is a system of old cans and custom linking hardware. The scarecrow is basically a big lovable puppet, it stands 5'7"


goat brain

This one of five widow screen panels. The goat and brain are some of the custom motifs created by the family in the home where the screens reside.



This one of five widow screen panels. The train is another of the custom motifs created by the family in the home where the screens are installed.


books and roses

This is another of a set of 5 window screens. This motif focuses on literary romance.


The Moon

This is another of a set of 5 window screens. The Moon and the Earth are the characters in this window screen.


running horse

This is another of a set of 5 window screens. The horse runs across the flowing plane of this window screen.


Kissing Bench

Is this a place to steal a kiss or is it a steel kiss? This bright, glossy icon form is realized as part of Art on the Corner in Grand Junction.


Malabar Bombax

Tubing, pipe and strips of steel are cold formed to create an experiment inspired by interference patterns, bright colors and chaotic organic geometry to maximize visual LOUDNESS!!!


Organica Rail Detail

Forged mild steel is stained and lacquered for a bronze finish. This rail in a split-level living area is inspired by vines, grass, fiddleheads and intertwined growth. Designed to be "grandchild-safe" with no protruding sharp points or openings larger than 4 inches.


Sunrise at the Lotus Bench

An organic assembly of forged stainless tubes and flat stock is the frame work for a public seating site. An acrylic and glass surface refract the first beams of the day that pass into the Lotus Fruit.


Sunnyside Library street crossing

Steel figures on both sides of the street carry brightly colored books and a reflective newspaper to notify drivers to slow down for the library cross-walk. This was a collaboration with Addie Boswell.


Easter Island Bicycle Rack

Moai inspired figures watch the world go by. You can lock your bike to one of them whilst you are karaoke-ing at the Alibi.


Toothbrush bike rack

B & G Builders, Inc. commissioned the latest Tooth Brush Bike Rack. Powder coated steel and stainless steel accents keep your bike safe while your mouth is in for an annual inspection.


Bicycle Boulevard SignTopper

Special street sign attachments to mark the route for cyclists and remind drivers on a bicycle boulevard. Colors and designs can be customized. Photo by Paul Cone.


Fry Guy

Are you down with Bacon Boy? Meet his arch nemisis, Fry Guy. He is an iron skillet rendered into a skateboard-flying character created by Austin Winters.


Trillium Flower Bench

This is another experiment in free-form organic geometry. Powder coated steel creates the base and stem of the flower. Alumiunm is the bloom. This piece is on loan to Lake Oswego Gallery Without Walls.


Archus Branches

A grand arch between two trees emerges from woods. Created with fallen tree branches, the sculpture explores the use of organic material and shapes to create an architectural structure. This piece is part of the Natural Cycles installation at Tryon Creek State Park.


Tooth Brush Bike Rack

This is a sculptural bike rack reminding you to brush and floss. It also marks the location of Eilers Dental. The brush handles, forged from heavy tubing and pipe are seven times larger than life. Stainless steel floss and bristles accent this functional sculpture. The City of Portland has a permitting process for art bicycle racks.


Jazz Figures

These figure is made of rod and pipe sections. The 38" tall sculptures are powder-coated, the instruments are stainless steel.


Unicorns are forever

The 60# concrete unicorn sculpture stands at 24" tall and has a roughly 9" diameter. Rainbow not included.


Hand Table Frame

The table has eight adjustable legs. 17" high in coffee table mode, 30" high in party mode. This table was made to help show some of the artwork created through the Childrens Healing Arts Project


Toro Bravo bar

The interior was inspired by imagining the paths of bulls and matadors. Straight lines with sudden radii soften hard fixtures, and provide high speed, near miss excitement.


Armstrong Owl Head

This 13" tall concrete carving was inspired by a childs carving. Reproduced in the concrete style and given to him on his wedding day.


Science Function

A privacy screen with nerves of aluminum is based on the abstraction of a dendrite and an axion. Acrylic amber pieces help define the biological elements.


Sign Hanger

Here is a hanger inspired by signs past. Forged steel flourishes made to support any shingle.


DNA trellis structure

This is a weather proof garden trellis made of used aluminum bike rims and reclaimed coaxial cable. Single strands can also be replicated. This trellis is 11 ft tall and 4 feet wide at the base.


Concretist Monk

Carved concrete fence post footings turn into creative blockade or welcoming column.


Spinner post card rack

This rack is made of 100% local used bike frames. It spins on a headset and holds 100+ post cards(4 x 6). Designed and fabricated for Jonathan Maus to market his wears.


Stemware/Glassware Rack for Gotham Tavern

This stainless steel rack helps over 100 glass pieces appear to float. Stemware hangs and the liquor glass is shelved.


clarklewis bay rails

The stainless rails at clarklewis span the twelve foot shipping bays. Forged steel banisters and stainless cables keep them in place. The rails float a foot outside the bldg to create visual effect. Vertigo?


Spinning Cube

This apparatus was fabricated for a performance choregraphed by Daniel Addy. The spinning cube structure is a collaboration, built for Daniels specific requirments. The performance was part of ten tiny dances at PICAs TBA 04.


garden moai II

Add an air of mysticism to your garden with a Garden Moai. This sculpture is inspired by the monumental heads on Easter Island. Discarded fence post footings transform into artifacts that can be enjoyed for many generations. Each Moai has its own base post and can stand on or be fixed to the ground.


Floyds Coffee

Coffee shop POP! These steel letters stand 3 inchs off the wall. They help mark the drive-thru at Floyds.


Can Man

Can Man is a six foot tall steel puppet, or a Scarecrowbot that can strike a pose.


Food Front Community Bulletin board

This is a kiosk structure that uses both reclaimed wood and sustainable cedar posts from southern Oregon. The Kiosk can provide 128 sq. ft. of covered display surface in an 11''X 5''garden area.


River City trophy

The staff of River City Bicycles unofficially won the Bike toWork challenge sponsored by the BTA. The shop owner commissioned this trophy to commemorate it.


bike girl

This is a up close and personal view of one of the bike people riding off into the sunset.


steel dome

This is a view from beneath the dome at 33rd and Yamhill. The steel dome design is patterned from the growth pattern of seeds in a sunflower.


Greisar Gurgeon

A serpentine vessel that is hand formed from copper. Typically placed at the gable of a roof. Inspired by Buddhist temples in Cambodia.


Steel Dome at dusk

A silhouette of the dome as the sun sets. Located at SE 33rd and Yamhill.


sculptural signage

This sign I made this for Resource Revival to help mark the building for deliveries and customers. The cursive font is formed from chrome plated bicycle rims.


Small World globe

This is an experiment in visual kinetics. The curving elements appear to make this globe spin to passing traffic.


steel sun

A steel sun shield. Inner sun is hand pounded and polished. The corona petal are forged mild steel.


fork tree

A retail fixture built for a bike shop. Made from discarded bike forks with a cast iron sewer pipe base.


iron butterfly

"In the garden of Eden, Baby", and 15 minutes of chugging guitar are only part of the inspiration for this piece. When I found 300 lbs of logging chain in a scrapper friends truck, I just had to have it. The chain is welded link by link to create the wingspan and body.


black tire sunflower

The Black tire sunflower is made from a small cart racing tire and pieces of an all season radial that has turned too many times. It also contains some various steel pieces and a hubcap found on I-5. It should pretty much last forever.


ferrous rose

This is a detail of a steel rose that was made for a window screen.



Have you ever wondered what it looks like when you want to thump yourself in the head. This painting is a multi-colored rendering. WATCH-OUT!