Cartwright Design

705 NE Morgan
Portland, Oregon 97211
(503) 680 5189


I am a designer and fabricator who has worked within many different communities in Portland, Oregon. I design and build functional sculpture, fixtures, equipment or custom furniture to meet a client's needs through collaboration, innovative design and creative use of materials. Often I will use a recycled material because I am inspired by its normal use. I am most prolific with metal, but I also use just about any new, reclaimed or surplus material that I may encounter. I like to see how things can be rearranged or combined to evoke and enhance emotion.

Through creative projects and other private commissions I am able to practice and keep developing a sense of proportion and detail. I enjoy any project that allows me work in a scale and place with which people can interact.

I am open to collaborations, private commissions and specific fabrication. Please direct any inquiries to

-Matt Cartwright