Cartwright Design

705 NE Morgan
Portland, Oregon 97211
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Lotus Bench

Some friends and family take the Lotus Bench for a test ride before it goes to park at an open space in Broomfield, Colorado.


Library/Loft Ladder

How hot would you look climbing up this library ladder? Stainless steel handrails and track/trolley system designed for existing ladder and bookcase/Loft divider give this ladder 16 feet of travel. It can also be stowed away to make room on the floor at K4 Court.


Vernon Willow

A willow tree is outlined within the porch endrail by forged square rod. Round rod sweeps on down to the floor.


Toro Bravo Bar

The interior was inspired by imagining the paths of bulls and matadors. Straight lines with sudden radii soften hard fixtures, and provide high speed, near miss excitement.


Bike round up

Rolled pipe leftovers make a parking system for River City Bicycles


Hand Table Frame

The table has eight adjustable legs. 17" high in coffee table mode, 30" high in party mode. This table was made to help show some of the artwork created through the Children's Healing Arts Project


Toothbrush Bike Rack

This is a sculptural bike rack reminding you to brush and floss. It also marks the location of Eilers Dental. The brush handles, forged from heavy tubing and pipe are seven times larger than life. Stainless steel floss and bristles accent this functional sculpture. The City of Portland has a permitting process for art bicycle racks.


Sign Hanger

Here is a hanger inspired by signs past. Forged steel flourishes made to support any shingle.


Fedje Cypress table

Here is an example of a client designing their own furniture. The client purchased a cypress section from eco pdx and came to me with an idea to float the wood on a pattern of stainless pins.


clarklewis railings and fixtures

Original fixtures and railings for this revolutionary restaurant are designed to pay homage to the previously industrial space. Wall mounted wine racks made from railroad spikes allow the wine inventory to be checked at a glance. Forged steel banisters support stainless steel rails and cables.


clarklewis spike rack

These custom wine racks store and display the clarklewis wine selections.


computer desk

This is a computer cart designed to support a Mac or Windows machine and a couple of books.


end tables

These end tables are made from various left over bicycle frame tube sections, and have reclaimed pine tops.


Mary Woodward Bench

Mary Woodward Elementary school and Cracked Pots commissioned this bench for a nature path and garden area for the school. The bench is made from reclaimed bike frames, pipe scraps and farm implement parts.


stork table

A unique coffee table framed with bicycles. Finished plywood is the surface at 15" above the floor. It flows 28" in a 15" wide path.


Gotham Tavern Fixtures

A set of heavy steel bases were fabricated for tables designed by Chris Blieler of fix. Steel boxes keep the silver and napkins close and organized. Booth upholstery is by the guys at Think.


bench trellis

This arbor is made from heavy gauge co-axial cable. It was probably used to connect houses to cable TV or other communication equipment. The bench is a spool bench made from a reclaimed cable spool.


apple cart

A produce cart to display seasonal goods, built for People's Food Co-op. The cart is made of 100% reclaimed pallet wood. The design and fabrication of this cart is a collaboration with wood working partner James Thompson.


rim chair

A reading chair made from bicycle rims and steel tubing. Plywood, scrap padding and seat belt webbing make the seat cushions.


New Belgium Stools

These stools are part of a set on 12 stools designed and fabricated for New Belgium brewery in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Stool tops made from sustainable pine by woodworker James Thompson


spool bench

This is a spool bench made of a reclaimed cable spool. An optional canopy has been attached to the bench. The canopy is made of steel and water-proof canvas. this bench is at N. Sumner and Albina St.


bulk table

This is a storage and packing cabinet made for the bulk grocery and herb department of People's Food Co-op. The cabinet is made of reclaimed pallet wood.The design and fabrication of this cabinet is a collaboration with wood working partner James Thompson.


Aluminum Rim garden chair

Aluminum Bike rims are light but strong enough to support while you are sitting your garden or where ever the double barrel floater base lets you put it. Reclaimed cedar planks hold up the rear.


Organica Rail Detail

Forged mild steel is stained and lacquered for a bronze finish. This rail in a split-level living area is inspired by vines, grass, fiddleheads and intertwined growth. Designed to be "grandchild-safe" with no protruding sharp points or openings larger than 4".


spool bench & conestoga bonnet

This is a spool bench made of a reclaimed cable spool. An optional canopy has been attached to the bench. The canopy is made of steel and water-proof canvas or nylon.


Bike Panel

A 4 foot x 3 foot bike panel can be a bike rack, a gate or just a scuptural element.


Easter Island Bicycle Rack

Moai inspired figures watch the world go by. You can lock your bike to one of them whilst you are karaoke-ing at the Alibi.


Bike Salad awaits

Kind of like a bike corral yet more visible and covered. This fixture is inspired by a banana, oranges, a pineapple and whatever else might be at Laurelhurst Whole Foods . Just add bicycles.


Toro Bravo Kitchen

The counter wraps around around the kitchen area. Sit at the west end and watch the action.


Equilibrium Chair

This is a custom office or task chair. Designed to take advantage of a kneeling position using Steelcase Office Furniture technology. This balance chair is made from upright office chair parts from the past, re-converged in the present to be the chair of the future. This piece was juried into ShowPDX 2008


Covered Bike Parking

Two bike staples, steel arcs and some corrogated metal roofing help park the bike and trailer out of the rain. This rack was made for employees with bike trailers at People's Food Co-op.


Nora garden table

This table is made of some scrap marble, supplied by the client. It is built into a steel and copper frame that is lined and shelved with ironwood scraps. 30" high, 54 at widest point, 23" deep.


Stemware/Glassware Rack for Gotham Tavern

This stainless steel rack helps over 100 glass pieces appear to float. Stemware hangs and the liquor glass is shelved.


clarklewis rotisserie and grill

Designed and fabricated to process multiple roasts or moderate game over an open wood fire.


clarklewis railing detail

Heavy forged steel banisters support stainless rails. Cables at 3.75 inch centers create in-fill. Heirloom quality that ought to last forever.


Kenny Forrest Memorial

This is the original spool bench, designed as part of a memorial for Kenny Forrest, a manager and comic relief at food front that passed away in 2000. the dome defines a volume for Kenny's stellar presence and the canopy keeps the rain off of anyone in the bench.


opticians dispensary

The waiting room and dispensary of Rose City Vision Care. The light fixtures and dispensing furniture are all Cartwright designs.'


display cabinet

Built to display up-scale eyewear in a local dispensary. The drawers hold extra inventory and fitting tools.


rim table

A small coffee table made of bicycle rims and forks. Reclaimed plywood makes the top.


Small World Cafe

A bench at the corner of N. Albina and Sumner, part of Albina Green. The seating surface is made of old chrome bumpers. The frame and fence are made of steel and bike frames that are welded and powdercoated.


hall tree

Landing spot is a 6' x 3' x 3' hall tree/coatrack made of steel and welded bicycle rim sections with plywood table and shelf surfaces.


bike frame end table

A small end table made from a recycled schwinn varsity frame, bike forks and finished plywood.