Cartwright Design

705 NE Morgan
Portland, Oregon 97211
(503) 680 5189


Floyd's Coffee

Coffee shop POP! These steel letters stand 3" off the wall. They help mark the drive-thru at Floyd's.


spool bench

This is a spool bench made of a reclaimed cable spool. An optional canopy has been attached to the bench. The canopy is made of steel and water-proof canvas. this bench is at N. Sumner and Albina St., Portland, Oregon.


clarklewis rotisserie and grill

designed and fabricated to process multiple roasts or moderate game over an open wood fire.


clarklewis bay rails

Stainless rails span the twelve foot shipping bays. Forged steel banisters and stainless cables keep them in place. The rails float a foot outside the bldg to create visual effect. Vertigo?.


steel dome

This is a view from beneath the dome at 33rd and Yamhill. The steel dome design is patterned from the growth pattern of seeds in a sunflower.


Food Front Community Bulletin board

This is a kiosk structure that uses both reclaimed wood and sustainable cedar posts from southern Oregon. The Kiosk can provide 128 sq. ft. of covered display surface in an 11''X 5''garden area.


artful infrastructure

An adjustable solar panel support and a prayer wheel designed and fabricated for the "Matthew Sheckel Lifehouse Memorial" at 37th and Taylor. This project is part of the Village building convergence.


River City canopy

River City Bicycles has an outdoor annex. The area is fenced in by a bicycle panel fence. It is protected from the sun and rain by a canopy that stretches from the building to the fence top. The canopy is supported by custom cable tension system.


horse panel

This is part of a set 5 of low window screens. Each panel has its own motif particular to its room. The horse is a favorite animal of the family.


Small World Cafe

A bike rack that uses an old bicycle welded into a rectangular frame and powder coated. The rack is bolted to a sidewalk near N. Sumner and Albina. The globe sculpture in the background is to draw attention to the Small World CafÈ.


New Belgium Stools

These stools are part of a set on 12 stools designed and fabricated for New Belgium brewery in Ft. Collins, Colorado.


CD towers

This CD tower is built out of recycled bicycle rims. Designed for production at Resource Revival.


Spinning Cube

This apparatus was fabricated for a preformance choregraphed by Daniel Addy. The spinning cube structure is a collaboration, built for Daniel's specific requirments. The performance was part of ten tiny dances at PICA's TBA '04.


custom signage

Millennium Building Services, Inc. commissioned this logo made of stainless steel and aluminum. The three dimensional emblem floats in the lobby of the corprate office.


clarklewis railings and fixtures

Original fixtures and railings for this revolutionary restaurant are designed to pay homage to the previously industrial space. Wall mounted wine racks made from railroad spikes allow the wine inventory to be checked at a glance. Forged steel banisters support stainless steel rails and cables.


DNA trellis structure

This is a weather proof garden trellis made of used aluminum bike rims and reclaimed coaxial cable. Single strands can also be replicated. This trellis is 11 ft tall and 4 feet wide at the base.


Sunnyside dome

A 14' tall X 13' diameter steel dome on fir log posts. 1 of 4 trellis/arbors constructed for phase III of an Intersection Repair. Located at SE 33rd and Yamhill.


fence gate at Big City Produce

This is a gate in the bike panel fence located at Albina Green at the corner of North Albina and Sumner.


produce display cart

This is a produce display cart built for Food Front Co-op. The fabricated steel frame measures 72" by 58" by 30" high. Bicycle rims create the display wings. Reclaimed door panels conceal cabinet space below.


exterior lamp shade

A hammered copper and steel lampshade for an apartment courtyard on NW Thurman and 26th.


bird bath

A birdbath made of a hammered copper dish fits to a 22" diameter bike rim. The base is made of found stainless steel pieces.


Small World globe

This is an experiment in visual kinetics. The spiraling elements appear to make this globe spin to passing traffic.


steel dome

14' tall X 13' diameter steel dome on fir log posts. One of four trellis/arbors constructed for phase III of an Intersection Repair, located at SE 33rd and Yamhill.


log trellis

14' tall X 13' wide X 6' deep; naturally curved douglas fir sections and posts. 1 of 4 trellis/arbors constructed for phase III of an Intersection Repair, located at SE 33rd and Yamhill.


sculptural signage

This sign I made this for Resource Revival to help mark the building for deliveries and customers. The cursive font is formed from chrome plated bicycle rims.